Shaws was founded during the end of the 19th Century and their vision was to make the finest handcrafted fireclay sinks in the whole of England.

Today, some 120 years on, that vision has been more than realised; Shaws now enjoys, not only a national, but a worldwide reputation for the beauty, quality, craftsmanship and sheer practicality of our unique artisan products.

Shaws and their employees are immensely proud of thier heritage, and the fact that these sinks are still handcrafted at premises in the same quiet corner of North West England as they were when they first started out on Valentine’s Day 1897. They are also extremely proud that the techniques lovingly used by our time-served craftsmen haven’t changed in all those years.

So much so, every handmade Shaws sink carries an impression on its base of the name of the master craftsman who created it. This, along with our Certificate of Authenticity, is your assurance that your investment has been handcrafted for life.

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